Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Saving Vs Spending

I am a big time spender. I do know how to save money if needed. But I would rather spend it then keep it. Anything that I want is electronic and cost a lot of money. I totally agree with this. It's a proven fact. Our generation now is all about wants not needs. Christmas is a good example. All of us teenagers are already picking out what were going to get for Christmas. No matter what the cost is. We tend to always want the expensive gifts. If you gave me the choice between getting a billion dollars in a year or getting one million now most likely im going for the million. It's just how we are, it's what we are use to. And what I mean by this is as teenagers our eyes get big at the site of something we want and like. That's just how it is in today's society. I wish we weren't like that all the time because most of the things we want we can most likely live without.

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