Friday, September 16, 2011

Adults Are Just Kids With Money

     At one point or another I am asking my parents for money. And making up some kind of excuse for why I need money other then just saying I need the money for a new pair of shoes, or to pay a fine at school, and etc. To tell you the truth most of the time I am scared to ask and I don't know why. It might just be because I know or think I know what the answer may be. I'm the type of person who gets an expensive gift for Christmas or birthday and in a short period of time some how I find a way to break it or damage it in some kind of way. And then that's more money out the window. When my mom and dad say "you aren't getting any electronics for Christmas because everything you get you break" I always get an attitude even though I know what they are saying is so true. So my question is how much money do you think your parents would save in a year if us teenagers stopped asking for money and breaking every new thing we get as often as we do now?

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