Monday, September 19, 2011

Earth Vs. Humans

I choose the topic of weather or not humans are damaging the earth or helping it. Personally I think it's 50/50. We help the earth by picking up trash and going green along with growing trees. We damage the earth by littering, wasting paper, we kill animals such as polar bears, and cheetahs. These animals are apart of some type of food chain in which all comes back to the functioning of our planet. And without these animals more and more animals become extinct. And then it comes to the point of no return. What i'm getting to is we as humans can destroy the earth just as fast as we can help it. People are careless they don't care if they drop a piece of paper on the floor or drop gum wrappers on the floor I know for a fact that I don't. It's all just human nature and laziness. The pie graph at the very bottom is a great example of how I feel about going green and probably most other people in the world do as well. Don't get me wrong I care for our planet but then again I don't think twice about throwing paper on the ground outside. But for some odd reason inside i'll walk to the trash. But outside i'll just drop it right there. It basically depends on if we care or not.

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